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Local Taxis

You might think as long as you get to where you need to be, who cares who the driver is, or where the taxi comes from?

At Wizz Cars, we disagree.

We believe Local Taxis in Guildford offer the pinnacle of service quality, and across Surrey, we aspire to be the local taxi firm that residents and visitors alike can depend on. Should you need convincing of the superior benefits Local Taxis in Guildford provide over national alternatives, allow us to demonstrate why we stand out as the Surrey taxi company you can trust.
Chauffeur Services

Local taxi drivers know the road

All things being equal, would you rather be a passenger in a car where the drivers know the local roads, or with someone who is unaware of their surroundings? It goes without saying, you’d feel far more comfortable with a local driver with personal knowledge of the route you take.

Yes, you also want a driver who is skilled and qualified for the role, but we take care of that at Wizz Cars. Not only do we employ local drivers who know the roads, we vet and train every driver we employ, while making sure they are fully licenced.

You can have complete peace of mind when travelling with us. In advance of your trip, you’ll receive a message with information about the driver, and the vehicle. We want you to feel confident and comfortable about your trip, and hiring local drivers is the starting point to ensuring you travel well, no matter where you are going.

Local cars are with you sooner

It just makes sense. When you need a taxi quickly, are you better off calling a local firm who operate close to you, or a major firm who have thousands of taxis across the country, but with no guarantee of being close to you right now?

We take the stress and hassle out of booking a taxi or arranging a trip. You can book with us in advance (months in advance if you like being organised), and that’s guaranteed. We also know there are times when the need for a taxi arises out of the blue.

You might be running late, a bus or train might not have shown up, an accident might have happened, or maybe there’s a positive reason you need a taxi at short notice.

It’s easy to think of a taxi as the solution to problems, but say you get a last-minute job interview or you are told friends are out celebrating and that you should join them?

You want to get to where you want to be as quickly as possible. At Wizz Cars, we are the Surrey taxi company that is part of local life, and we’re always ready to travel when you are, no matter the occasion.

We’re part of your community

We know that community isn’t the be all and end all, especially when it comes to standard of service. Having a local option doesn’t matter if there are far better or more affordable options available in the marketplace.
We know this, which is why we aim to give you everything you need.
As a local taxi company, not only operating in Surrey, but living and socialising in Guildford, Woking, Bramley and so on, we’re invested in what happens locally. We don’t think a thriving local taxi company will, by itself, boost the local economy and change the community for the better, but it can play a part.

Everyone has a part to play in the community

Playing a part is the whole point of a community. If you’re running late for work, and you need help, we’re here to assist you. This helps you, your employer, and your customers. If you’re planning an evening out but are worried about getting home, we remove that problem. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and as we’re a local taxi firm, we are ready for your trip.

If you’re looking to arrange a trip with friends, family members or colleagues, we help you travel together. This is far more convenient, it should save money, and it should help you enjoy the day more.

At Wizz Cars, we don’t just support the community for you, we do it for us, we are part of the local community. We know the positive impact that comes from having reliable local businesses, and we appreciate dependable travel is a factor that makes life easier.

Discover the heart of Guildford with our Local Taxis service, your premier choice among Guildford Taxi companies. Whether you're navigating the bustling city streets or seeking a serene ride to local attractions, our fleet ensures a comfortable and reliable journey. With a focus on convenience, our Guildford Taxi numbers are easily accessible, making us the go-to Cab company Guildford trusts for timely and efficient travel. As part of our comprehensive services, we proudly link to Airport Transfers, Executive Travel, and Corporate Accounts, ensuring a seamless transportation solution tailored to your needs.

For reliable travel across Surrey, you need local taxis that are affordable, clean and always there when you need them. You need Wizz Cars.
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