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We know you have a lot of options to consider when booking a taxi in Guildford, but please don’t think all local taxi companies are the same. We started Wizz Cars because we felt the local taxi options didn’t provide the standard of service we wanted, or felt the community deserved.

In the current climate, there is an opportunity for small firms to rival the big players with respect to standard of service and efficiency. We have invested in the best technology to ensure booking a taxi is simple and reliable. We have an app you can use to book your trip, we offer updates on your journey, and provide pre-journey information about your taxi and driver.

We do things a bit differently at Wizz Cars

These are all great features, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that every taxi company does the same. This is where we do things a bit differently at Wizz Cars. Not only can you use our app or online booking forms to arrange your journey, you can call us and speak with a person.

We appreciate at times, you want to speak with someone when booking a taxi, or when you have questions about the service. There is nothing more frustrating than facing an automated system that won’t let you do what you want to do.

We think this is wrong, which is why at Wizz Cars, we have real local people on the phone, always ready to answer your questions, and provide you with guidance based on living in the local area, not whatever can be pulled from the internet.

Enjoy a personalised touch when you book your taxi

We love technology, it is a massive part of our business, and it helps us provide you with a dependable level of service. However, the feature that makes us your number one taxi company in Guildford, Woking and surrounding areas is we apply the personal touch to your booking.

By combining the best of both worlds, the latest in taxi technology and the very best customer standards that many companies have forgotten, you receive the taxi service you need. Yes, like every other taxi firm in Surrey, we offer automated bookings, we’re available around the clock, we offer clean taxis, and our drivers are happy to help. This is the bare minimum you should expect from your taxi service.

You always get more with Wizz Cars

At Wizz Cars, you get more. If you want advice on the best restaurant in Woking or which pub to visit in Chilworth, ask your driver or call operator. We know these areas inside out. If you’re worried about roadworks delaying your journey, book with us, because our local knowledge means we know the routes to avoid in advance.
Also, if something happens there and then, our driver’s local knowledge means we can plot alternative routes on the spot, as opposed to solely relying on Sat-Nav technology.

Technology is great but you can’t rely on it 100%

We love Sat-Nav technology, it offers comfort and confidence on so many trips, and yet, you can’t rely on it every single time. You deserve 100% reliability, which is why you deserve Wizz Cars, a taxi company that uses technology and good old-fashioned know-how to ensure you always travel well.
We strive to ensure you receive the high standard of convenience you expect from a major taxi firm, but with the level of support and attention you expect from local professionals. Wizz Cars is your home-grown local taxi company who is always here to help, so get in touch and speak with someone who knows what you are looking for.

At Wizz Cars Guildford, we pride ourselves on being a cornerstone in the community of Guildford, Surrey, as a leading provider of comprehensive taxi services. From the heart of Guildford to the far reaches of the UK, our commitment to excellence shines through in every journey. With a fleet that includes Local Taxis in Guildford, Airport Transfers in Guildford, Executive Travel in Guildford, and Corporate Accounts in Guildford, we've established ourselves as a top choice among Guildford Taxi companies. Our dedication to reliable, efficient, and high-quality service is unmatched, earning us a distinguished place among Guildford Taxi firms. Whether you're looking for a Taxi Guildford to Heathrow for your next trip, require the sophistication of our Executive Travel, or need the reliability of our Corporate Accounts for your business, Wizz Cars is your trusted partner on the road. Our Guildford Taxi numbers and Guildford cabs are at the heart of our operations, ensuring you reach your destination with comfort and ease. As a Cab company Guildford trusts, we're not just a service; we're a part of your community, dedicated to enhancing your travel experiences with every mile.
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