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As a local business, we know the importance of other local firms supplying us with what we need to do our job best. From ensuring our staff are well-fed and hydrated to making sure our computers and telephones are in great working order, we rely on local businesses to serve our customers.

We know you will be the same.

If travel is an integral part of your business, or an occasional issue that you need help with, we are pleased to offer corporate account services if you require them. By building this solid relationship, you can rely on Wizz Cars every time you need to travel, giving you time and confidence to focus on the things that really make a difference to your business.
If travel isn’t a key component of your business, but one of the smaller things that ultimately impact how you’re perceived by clients, customers and partners, you need our help.
  • Will it harm your business if your employees turn up late for meetings? If yes, you need a corporate travel account.
  • Does it create a bad impression with partners if your arrival is uncertain or you arrive unprepared? If yes, you need a corporate account.
  • Are your employees unhappy about continually having to arrange travel for work, and then facing delays in receiving payment back? If yes, you need a corporate travel account.
  • Are you worried about managing travel expenses, and ensuring you receive value for money? If yes, and you know the answer, you need a corporate account.
  • Wizz Cars offers a Corporate Account service that makes business travel simple, affordable and effective for your business.

    Take better care of your staff

    Corporate travel services help you meet customers and clients in a timely manner, but let’s start by focusing on your employees. No matter your business or industry, if your employees are happy in their work and feel valued by you, they are more likely to perform better, represent you successfully and ensure others see you as a great company.

    With a corporate travel account, you take great care of staff. They know they can arrange travel with a minimum of fuss, they don’t need to pay for it and then submit receipts for reimbursement, and they are confident in receiving a reliable standard of service on every trip.

    With our corporate travel options, your staff are happier, and you achieve better results.

    Safety matters and we deliver

    You also enhance the safety of your employees with a corporate account. If you have employees arriving back at train stations late at night, do you want them waiting around to arrange a taxi or lift? Do you want them wandering off to find a vehicle? No, you want to ensure their safety at all times, which is why our pre-booked taxis are the best option.

    Welcome your guests in style

    If you welcome guests, roll out the red carpet in style to ensure they appreciate you, and that their time and energy is focused on work. Don’t let people who don’t know the area struggle to arrange transport, take care of everything with our corporate travel services.

    Our driver will greet your guests in the manner you would personally, and ensure they get on the road quickly, and efficiently. You can consider us as an extension of your company, treating your guests in the manner you would.

    All of our vehicles are serviced regularly while every driver we employer is trained, licenced and vetted. All of our passengers receive a high standard of service, which means you give guests the final welcome.

    Give yourself more time to work or plan

    One of the most important reasons to outsource parts of your work is to help you work better, or more efficiently. If you drive to meetings or exhibitions, you cannot work en-route, or properly chat with colleagues about how to approach the day. You need to keep your eyes and mind on the road ahead, depriving you of time to improve your presentation or pitch.

    The same goes for public transport. If you get lucky, you might be able to work when travelling by train, but this rarely the case. So, if you want to maximise the time you have, travel by a corporate taxi.

    We ensure our corporate taxi vehicles are comfortable and spacious. On request, we will ensure you have a vehicle with charging points and Wi-Fi connectivity. Whatever you need to make the most of your travel time, be it for work or play, we will do that for you.

    We offer automated invoicing

    We know many businesses waste time and struggle to manage their finances, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. A key benefit of arranging corporate travel with us is it simplifies the payment aspect. We can generate automated invoices if this assists your business, and payment is simple.

    We offer delayed payment terms for business accounts, which means if you need to travel at short notice, but your cash flow prohibits this, there is no problem. This is ideal if your payment for a meeting or conference won’t arrive until after the event. In this case, you don’t have to pay on the day either, allowing you to better manage your cash flow.

    A dedicated team member will help you manage your accounts

    With a dedicated team member on hand for corporate account services, it’s never been easier for local businesses in Surrey to manage their travel plans. We’ll ensure you are on the right payment plan for your business, and we are here to arrange bookings in advance.

    With local professionals on hand in our call centre, you can always speak with someone, making sure your travel plans are set in stone.

    Running a business is difficult, we know, which is why it makes sense to get help from trusted local experts. For corporate travel taxi accounts in Surrey, rely on Wizz Cars, and we’ll ensure you, your employees and guests always travel in comfort and style.
    Our Corporate Accounts service is designed for businesses seeking a trusted transportation partner in the Guildford area. Recognized among the top Guildford Taxi firms, we offer bespoke travel solutions tailored to corporate needs. With priority booking and detailed journey tracking, our services, including Taxis in Guildford and Guildford station Taxis, stand out for their reliability and professionalism. This service integrates smoothly with our Local Taxis in Guildford, Airport Transfers Guildford, and Executive Travel Guildford offerings, ensuring your business travel requirements are always met with the highest standards of service and convenience.
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