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Executive Travel

Your Complete Solution!

Our executive services, as with all our services, are available around the clock, can be booked in advance, are punctual and the vehicles are serviced regularly. This is our standard service, and no matter what vehicle you book, that is guaranteed.

However, as you’d expect, our Executive Travel services offer greater benefits, solving unique problems that you might have.
Chauffeur Services

Travel in comfort and style

The most obvious benefit of booking executive travel with Wizz Cars is the standard of vehicle you travel in. A smooth ride is guaranteed, creating a sense of comfort and luxury that isn’t available with most taxi trips.

Whether you want to relax on your journey or take care of business, our executive travel services give you the platform to make the most of your journey.

Travel with a professional chauffeur

While every driver we employ at Wizz Cars is trained, licenced and vetted, our executive travel service features chauffeurs. Our best drivers drive our best cars, offering a discrete service, with reliable and safety. If you need assistance with luggage, or have any questions, please ask your chauffeur, and they’ll be happy to help.

If you are arranging travel for work purposes or you want to mark a special occasion, our chauffeurs add a touch of class that elevates your journey.

Travel with greater privacy

With tinted windows, privacy screens and soundproof features, if you require a vehicle with additional privacy and security features, our executive travel options are ideal for you. We know there are times when you want to shut yourself away from the world, even when travelling, and our discretionary privacy features make executive travel a fantastic option for many people.

Additional features

As you’d expect with executive travel, we make it easier for you to work or stay connected with others. There are charging facilities in the vehicle, so if you need more power for your phone or laptop, we have you covered.

Our executive travel services also offer Wi-Fi, so you can be online with no cost or inconvenience. Whether you are working, staying in touch with social media or streaming a show to make the trip fly by, we make the journey far more enjoyable.

If you are looking for executive travel in Surrey that delivers the highest standard of service, Wizz Cars has everything you need:
  • A fantastic range of executive vehicles, including Mercedes models
  • Skilled and experienced chauffeurs delivering a level of class and elegance to the service
  • Features such as privacy aspects, Wi-Fi, charging points and more to ensure you travel in comfort and style
  • Meet and greet and door-to-door services as standard
  • An Executive Travel Service You Will Love

    At Wizz Cars, we aim to provide the best service to every client, with every trip. However, we know many clients demand something extra, which is why we are pleased to offer an executive way to travel. You can book this service online, but of course, we appreciate many executive users prefer the personal touch.

    This is why we have local professionals in our call centre, with designated staff for our Executive Travel department. If you want to become a regular user, we can set up an Executive Account for you, streamlining your booking and payment process.

    When you want to travel in a way that is fit for executives, travel with Wizz Cars and our Executive Travel service.
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